Which Car Parts Can/Should Be Bought Used?


Used auto parts can save you money in repair costs. You can also find rare pieces, especially when dealing with older models that are no longer manufactured.

On the other hand, used parts may not last very long if they aren't selected carefully. The trick is to know which parts you can buy and which ones you shouldn't buy.

The Parts you can Buy

Body Parts

These will replace worn parts and may add aesthetic value to your car. You can easily replace tail light, body panels, exhaust pipes and mirrors with used parts.

New mirrors can be very expensive especially if they have special features.  Used ones can be just as good and will save you a lot of money.

When it comes to windows, you can opt for used parts. You may be lucky enough to find motors for power windows as a bonus.

Car Interiors

These include seats, mats, steering wheels etc. If you find good ones, go ahead and buy them.


A used stereo will not harm your car, so you can install one without worry.

Car Rims

You can get good car rims at a junkyard. Ensure they are not corroded.

Power locks

New power locks are very expensive. You can opt for used ones without compromising the performance of your car.

A new transmission is equally pricey. A used one will give you service for some time.

Parts Not to Buy

Parts with Short Life

Avoid parts that have a short life. This is because you'll need to replace them soon, anyway. These include brake pads, wiper blades, alternators, starters and brake rotors.

Shock absorbers have a limited lifespan of just 50,000 miles. Used ones may serve no purpose because you can't tell how far they are gone.

Safety-Related Parts

Buying these used parts will compromise your safety. Air bags and air bag sensors, seat belts, brakes, all types of electronic sensors and air filters should be bought new.

Used tires may have invisible cracks and worn tread and may therefore be risky.

Little Difference in Cost

Some used parts such as gaskets will cost almost as much as new ones. In such a case, you are better off buying them new. You'll also save very little buying used motor mounts and may be at risk if they fail.

While used auto parts will save you money, only selected parts will be useful. You should consider the safety, lifespan and cost of used parts before you take this option. Contact a company, like U Pull & Pay, for more help.


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