Enclosed Trailers For Boating And Hunting

Summer is about enjoying the outdoors, escaping the heat, and making memories with your family. If you're looking to hunt or fish this summer, an enclosed trailer can help you safely tow your toys and accessories to your favorite outdoor destination.

Here are some musts you should look for when you're looking at enclosed trailers for sale.

Capacity Matters

Enclosed trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, not all enclosed trailers are right for your particular needs. One of the biggest things you should consider is the capacity of your enclosed trailers and the maximum towing capacity you'll need.

1 Ton = 2 Wheels: As a general rule, for every 1 ton of towing capacity an enclosed trailer has, there should be 2 wheels to help distribute the weight while also providing maneuverability. Having an enclosed trailer with a larger towing capacity can be dangerous if it's not responsive to your towing needs. This can be particularly difficult when you need to back your trailer down a boat ramp or taking it down a narrow logging road.

Trailer Brakes: Similar to the advice above, if your towing needs exceed a ton, you should consider opting for an enclosed trailer with trailer brakes. Trailer brakes provide additional braking power when you're ascending or descending steep slopes. Additionally, having an enclosed trailer with trailer brakes can drastically reduce the wear and tear on your truck's brake system. Because trailer brakes operate independently from your vehicle's braking system, they are mostly electronic. Before you purchase an enclosed trailer with a brake system, you should make sure that they work with your towing equipment. If your equipment is old, the electronics used to operate the trailer's brake system can fail to work.

Test Tow

You wouldn't buy a vehicle without test-driving it, so why would you buy an enclosed trailer without testing it first? Hooking an enclosed trailer up to your vehicle can help you quickly see any potential problems or deficiencies that a potential rig might pose for you.

Fast and Slow: Some enclosed trailers are only rated for slower speeds. When you test-drive an enclosed trailer you're considering, make sure that you drive it at a variety of speeds. If possible, merge onto a highway or accelerate after coming to a complete stop. If your vehicle struggles with the enclosed trailer, then it's probably too big for your vehicle.

Bob and Weave: The longer the trailer, the greater the turning radius is. Because enclosed trailers are often towed into tight corners and spaces, they must be maneuverable enough to suit your needs. If possible, attempt to back the enclosed trailer down a boat ramp or try backing it into an appropriately-sized parking space. If you struggle to safely park the enclosed trailer, it's likely too big for your vehicle.

Scale Size

In today's digital marketplace, you'll likely see the enclosed trailer you're looking for online. This digital distance can allow a potential seller to make claims about the enclosed trailer that aren't accurate.

Weight Check: Taking an enclosed trailer to a truck scale can help you verify the claims made by the seller. If you don't have an accurate idea of the enclosed trailer's weight, you might be putting yourself at risk. Your truck's transmission and brakes are rated to specific towing capacities. These capacities include both the weight of the trailer and the weight of your outdoor toys. For instance, if your truck is rated to tow 2 tons, but your trailer weights 1 ton, that only leaves you with 1 ton to tow. You'll need to know the weight of your trailer and your toys.

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